About Us

Our History:

We started our business in April 2012 as a Café, which we now have had to close. This was due to Andy having an accident and becoming a Quadriplegic and ending up in a wheelchair. So we have now become a small family business and by small we mean Margaret (mother in law), Shelley (wife) and me( Andy). Andy is a chef with over 20 years experience and even though the hands may not work properly the brain still does. So Andy has come up with the ideas and recipes and then Margaret and Shelley come home from work and on the weekends make, bottle and label the products.

Andy has gradually started adding to the range of dressings and chutneys that we started producing in the Café for our customers. Our customers asked us where we purchased the chutneys we used on our burgers and the dressings we used on our salads. So when they found out we made them we  started producing them so they could buy them and take them home. We have now gone on to include a range of fruit dressings that are vinegar based and not found any where in New Zealand. None of our dressings are finished with any type of oil and that is our point of difference and flavour. It tastes just like the label says!